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Chamfering Knurling M/C

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Chamfering& Knurling M/C
Both ends of the pipe chamfering machine ( Both ends processor )

The mechanical characteristics

  1. Small quantity batch production is available. Item Change Setting is easy, because of auto centering clamping.
  2. Clamping JAW’s variety of products , many kinds of designs can applied.
  3. Toggle clamping and plastic deformation with a strong clamping
Specification Third-party machine Our machines
Chucking system

If the change in the diameter of the
product’s center. Clamping jig and
resetting are needed so it takes a long time

Small quantity batch production for various products


Toggle Link style (V-type jaw) Toggle R Link style (R-type jaw) Parellal Jaw (V-type jaw)
Hydraulic slides Servo (NC) slides Checker (lever type) Checker (transfer type)

Machine types

KCH-50S : Φ10~50 L=10~30 KCH-50L : Φ10~50 L=30~80
KCH-50(70 )-NC : Φ30~50(70) L=30~100 KCH-100 : Φ70~100 L=30~100
KCHL-300 : Φ10~40 L=100~300 KCHL-500 : Φ10~40 L=300~500

Spec can be changed without notice for the better functions, please contact us.


KCH-50S/L Hydraulic types
/ NC type
Φ10∼Φ50 30∼80 2HP Both ends of boring
/ outer cornering
KCH-70 Φ50∼Φ70 3HP
KCH-   3(5)HP

Available auto parts

Available auto parts